AutoCAD DWG Format Support Status in AcroPlot

The current version of AcroPlot supports working with AutoCAD 2000-2024.

Occasionally the AutoCAD DWG Format is changed and when this happens we typically support conversion through the full versions of AutoCAD shortly after the release of AutoCAD and conversions without AutoCAD installed approximately 6 months after the DWG format change is released.

Below is the past history of when Autodesk changed the DWG file format.

AutoCAD 2018
AutoCAD 2013
AutoCAD 2010
AutoCAD 2007
AutoCAD 2004
AutoCAD 2000
AutoCAD R14

*Conversion through AutoCAD LT is currently not supported due to limitations imposed by Autodesk in which they do not allow 3rd Party Programs to interface with AutoCAD LT program.  In this case we use our Direct Converter based on the non Autodesk toolkits.